About Us:

Launched in 2012, Breathe Repeat bridges the gap between the ancient practices of yoga and life in the fast-paced modern world.  From a highly curated blog and monthly newsletter, to dynamic workshops, to corporate yoga programming, Breathe Repeat helps Modern Yogis everywhere put a little east in their west.

Why Breathe Repeat?

Because you need soulful shots of snackable, digestible, light-hearted WISDOM! Breathe Repeat won’t dumb anything down for you, yet we always deliver our insight in short and sweet doses.  We’re neck-deep in the yoga community – literally cervical-spine deep – both online and in the real world, so we know what’s out there.  We’re curating the most authentic, valuable, soul-elevating information for Modern Yogis everywhere!

So what, you may ask, is a Modern Yogi?

Modern Yogi  [mod-ern · yoh-gee] noun, (plural, mod·ern yo·gis):

Someone who regularly practices yoga, and sometimes meets friends for a glass of wine right after class.  Modern Yogis are innovative, up-for-anything and can transition seamlessly from chanting to Ganesha to dancing on the bike at Soul Cycle.  They love yoga pants that conceal the fact that they don’t know how to enjoy dark chocolate in moderation (especially when there’s sea salt involved!).  They are devotional, but not saints.  They’re always down to try a new juice cleanse, or chickpea recipe, and then they’ll probably instagram or tweet all about it.  Modern Yogis are always on the hunt for new ways to infuse their days with inspiration and put a little east in their west.  They’re constantly bridging the gap between the ancient, sacred practices of yoga and life in the fast-paced modern world.




Tracey and Joyce, the forces that fuel Breathe Repeat, were destined to become lifelong friends and partners. Tracey first noticed Joyce in a workshop in Sag Harbor, when the teacher, Rodney Yee, asked her to demonstrate ustrasana (camel pose).  Tracey took one look at Joyce’s beautiful open heart -and impressively flexible thoracic spine- and immediately knew she had to be friends with her.

Together they completed the 2010 Yoga Shanti Teacher Training led by Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman.  Tracey, a prolific writer and actress, took the training mainly because she wanted to engage in a deeper dialogue about what it means to be a spiritual being in a material world.  Joyce was an accomplished teacher who had been teaching for over a decade, but she was seeking friendships that could translate both on and off the mat.  Both women were on a quest for that ever-elusive concept we call balance.

Could they dive deeper into the practices of yoga while keeping their New York City apartments, their favorite handbags and more pairs of boots than they care to mention?  Could they practice pranayama and drink Pinot Noir?   Could they read the Bhagavad Gita and Vanity Fair (… and sometimes even -gasp! – US Weekly)?  As much as they loved spending hours saluting the sun and chanting to Krishna, it was clear they weren’t moving to a cave in the Himalayas any time soon.  Thus, Tracey and Joyce were driven to discover new ways to bridge the gap between the ancient practices of yoga and life in the present moment.  In doing so, they have found a myriad of ways to put a little east in their west, and they hope to inspire their fellow yogis and friends to do the same!


Images by Gina Liberto

Images by Gina Liberto