Feeling Down?

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Salaam, Habibtis! (Dear ones in Arabic)

I am sitting on my couch in Khartoum, Africa, I leave tomorrow after six incredible life-changing weeks. Can’t wait to share all with you! I have had sporadic internet service, but received a letter from one of my students asking for some Ayurvedic advice, and I thought I would share the letter and my response with my New York Family.

If you have Ayurvedic questions, please send them to me at, and I will answer them in the column, without using any names, of course! See you next week – I will be back teaching at Laughing Lotus on Wednesday, Feb. 28th, In’shallah!

Here’s the letter:
Hi Ali!
So excited for you to return next week. Not sure if you will get this beforehand and i have been doing lots of searches but you are the expert. I get pretty depressed this time of year and wondering if you have any suggestions. I know depression is common during kapha season especially for kaphas but it’s hard to accept. I keep wanting people to make it better and then blame them for what i’m feeling!I forget this happens to me until it hits out of no where sometime middle of february! Any suggestions you could provide would be most helpful! Rock music? inversions? cardio? Thanks and sending lots of love to you over there!
Here’s my response:
Sauna, Handstands, arm balances, core work, dance music, spin class, no dairy, green juice, no sugar. Rice cakes and hummus with garlic. Wear bright colors and get your nails done in a bright red. Eat lots of cinnamon, and get some eucalyptus essential oil and douse yourself in it in the morning. Get up earlier. Drink an espresso, or green tea without milk or sugar. Dry brush yourself before you shower. That should keep you busy til I get home 🙂 xoxo Namaste, Ali


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