What the Heck are the Vedas?  Part II
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What the Heck are the Vedas? Part II

Part II of Richard's illuminating exploration of the Vedas. Yes, it's a scholarly piece, but it's WAY more digestible than the wikipedia article – trust us! We <3 you, Richard! A certain wise man in search of immortality,
turned his sight inward and saw the self within.

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What the Heck are the Vedas?  Part I
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What the Heck are the Vedas? Part I

Cherished yoga teacher and respected scholar, Richard Rosen, sheds some light on these ancient sacred texts…

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Mula Bandha

Senior teacher, Richard Rosen, weighs in on the mysterious, elusive “root bond”…

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What the Heck is Kapalabhati?
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What the Heck is Kapalabhati?

… and why should I do it?

Senior teacher, Richard Rosen, explains the origins of Kapalabhati breathing, its benefits, and how it's practiced today.

Get on your mat and start breathing!

Dec 25, 2013 | One Comment
What is Hatha Yoga?

What is Hatha Yoga?

Scholar and yogi, Richard Rosen, is here to shed some light…

Dec 31, 2012 | One Comment
Cit Vs. Citta

Cit Vs. Citta

What do these words mean?  The answer may help you get inches closer to enlightenment.

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Myth Buster: The Upanishads

Myth Buster: The Upanishads

After 30 years of studying the yoga, Richard Rosen discovers a totally different definition of upanishad…

Dec 19, 2012 | 3 Comments
How Old Is Yoga?

How Old Is Yoga?

Is yoga 5,000 years old? Allow Richard Rosen to elaborate…

Dec 17, 2012 | 6 Comments
What Does Vinyasa Mean?

What Does Vinyasa Mean?

And why did it become synonymous with chaturanga – up dog – down dog?

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