Ayurveda Dos and Don'ts!

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Ayurveda Dos and Don'ts!
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Let’s go over some Ayurvedic dos and don’ts in regards to food, shall we? I always believe that a kinder, gentler approach is better.  As I have mentioned on Breathe Repeat in the past, one of my teachers, Sri Dr. Robert Svaboda, said that if we are constantly needing to control everything we eat, drink, listen to, etc., then it’s not Ayurveda anyway!!  We want these Practices to bring us more peace, not stress!  So, there are just a few food rules…

1) First off, bless your food.

Even the times when it’s not organic quinoa with organic kale, organic red lentils and a dash of organic tamari with the perfect amount of garam masala. Take it in with a spirit of gratitude for nourishment. Acknowledge that you are eating so you can have energy to continue to do good work in this world.

2) Chew.

A lot.

3) Don’t drink too much while you’re eating.

Just take a few mouthfuls to rinse and moisten the mouth. Make sure the water or other beverage is at room temperature  –  no ice water! If you’re dying of thirst while you’re eating, try to drink more water an hour before or after. Too much liquid dampens our agni, or digestive fire.

4) Drink this tonic BEFORE you eat:

Speaking of digestive fire, a good remedy to get it working before we eat is to eat a small piece of chopped fresh ginger with a squeeze of lime juice and a tiny pinch of salt. This will get the agni fired up to go to work!

5) Lunch it up!

Lunch should be your biggest meal, if at all possible. Pitta time (10am-2pm) is when the sun is the strongest, so that’s when our agni is the strongest. Take a good long lunch break if you can.

6) Walk

A quiet stroll outside for ten minutes or so after meals is very good for digestion.

7) Eat fruit by itself.

Otherwise it doesn’t digest properly. So, unfortunately in my book, banana and yogurt is a no-no, as is fruit with nuts (even dried fruit-sorry trail mix lovers!)

8) Not too much raw.

Unless you have a LOT of Pitta, too much raw food is not recommended.



Note: This was first published in October, 2013 and has been modified to date. 

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