Ayurvedic Inheritance

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Courting Couple Marble Sculpture by Pasquale Romanelli 1880

This week I want to address something we all have that can be the ultimate test to our Practice.


Yup, family can bring up a lot, huh? The first day of my Ayurveda training with Maya Tiwari, she told us to put a picture of our parents on our altar and look at it every morning. There was a notable shift in all of us, and the room became quiet. She said it’s absolutely essential for us to know where we have come from. Years later, my teacher Robert Svaboda said your original constitution (Prakriti) and/or current imbalances (Vikruti) can be traced back to the balance or imbalance of your parents at conception and throughout fetal development!

This stuff is DEEP.

Go back 40 weeks or so from your birthday-what was happening? Where were your parents? How were they? What were they eating, what was their lifestyle?  I did it, and it was early February in Connecticut-no wonder I’m always cold and dry!

My theory is this: we have to know the raw material we are working with, and it’s like a sculptor’s slab of rock. We come into this world with a set of conditions-maybe you got your mother’s great Kapha way with kids, or Vata creativity, or Pitta organizational skills, but also her Kapha high cholesterol, Vata forgetfulness or Pitta eczema. Maybe you got your father’s thick Kapha hair, or Vata spirituality, or Pitta charm, but you also got his Kapha tendency to hoard, his Vata tendency to constipation, his Pitta temper. Great, okay, duly noted.

Now what?

The way I see it, we acknowledge what we received – the strengths and the weaknesses – and then it’s up to us to sculpt it, shape it, refine it, HEAL it where necessary. Sometimes we use the chisel of what we eat or the music we listen to, sometimes the hammer of therapy, sometimes we buff and polish it with pranayama or asana. But if we aren’t sure if we are working with granite or marble or plaster or clay, we won’t have the right tools or techniques. And that is why the investigation is so necessary before we begin our work! Then, through these ancient sacred Practices, we co-create our slab into our own Masterpiece, our own work of Art. And the surfaces that aren’t so smooth, or the places that the glaze didn’t come out quite even, well, they are the very things that give us our own unique beauty.

So dig through that photo album, and find a couple pictures of your parents – ones with a smile on their faces are always good. If your folks are still around, you could even ask them questions about THEIR parents – the more informed we are, the more healing we can do. We start where we are, but that doesn’t mean we have to stay there.

Faith is sculpting the baby toe with love and care and attention,  before we see the whole statue, trusting all the while that the process is guided by the Divine Master Artist.

Here’s to a Spring of Divine Creation!

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Namaste, Ali

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