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In theory, it would be great if we all had time to get home, clean the kitchen, bathe, chop our veggies, roast and pound our spices and cook up a pot of our favorite dosha-appropriate kitchari. In reality, we are often running between classes, jobs, dates, errands, dog walking, picking up the kids, etc.

So I wanted to list my top three places in a bunch of neighborhoods in Manhattan where you don’t have to be the annoying Yogi asking to hold nearly every ingredient, sauce on the side, if there’s wheat or meat or dairy in that, or if the veggies are local and/or organic.

Here are some of my favorite spots around NYC that get the Ayurveda stamp of approval!

Upper West Side:

1) Josie’s:  dairy-free, get the veggie stir fry. 74th and Amsterdam
2) Fairway: supermarket, has super healthy cooked salads and fantastic soup. 74th and Broadway
3) The Ayurveda Cafe: little further up, worth the trip.

Upper East Side:

1) Candle Cafe: top quality vegan 1307 3rd Ave
2) Gobo Uptown: 1426 3rd Ave
3) Hummus Kitchen: 1613 2nd Ave.


1) If you want to treat yourself or go for a fab birthday dinner, check out Print Restaurant, on 47th and 11th. It’s a little known gem. Pricy, but unbelievable quality.  Get the veggie platter!  Amazing!
2) Amish Market: 49th and 9th, supermarket with a few seats, again, healthy cooked salads and great soup
3) Hale and Hearty: 55th and 8th- I like the Tuscan White Bean

Union Square Area/Chelsea:

1) WESTVILLE! aka Laughing Lotus’ kitchen: 18th off 8th ave, get the veggie plate
2) Hu Kitchen: 5th ave at 14th street. OMG, the rotisserie butternut squash!
3) The Hummus and Pita Company: 16th and 6th, the veggie bowl gives you enough for lunch and dinner-don’t forget the hot sauce, it’s Kapha season!


1) Old faithful, Souen: 210 6th ave, the miso soup is always great, and they have a daily green, daily bean-just be patient, sometimes I think they take meditation breaks in the kitchen!
2) S’Nice: 150 Sullivan Street, excellent sandwiches and snacks
3) Spring Street Natural: 62 Spring Street, tons of things to choose from, and you can invite your carnivore friend, there’s something for everyone


1) I really love the Whole Foods. I think it’s the best one in the city.
2) Le Pain Quotidien is taking over the city. Don’t fight it. They have good soups and salads, and there is one at 81 West Broadway – all organic!

Lower East Side:

1) Teany: on Rivington. Moby is an owner, you might spot him-ask him when his next album is coming out, I use his first one for class all the time
2) Babycakes: gluten free vegan cupcakes available! Hell, yes!
3) Earthmatters: 77 Ludlow Street, again, haven’t been there but I hear amazing things

Gramercy, Midtown East and Murray Hill:

Sorry to group y’all together, but Go to “Curry Hill,” on Lexington between 26th and 29th, I like Saravanaa Bhavan, and you can swing through Kalustyan’s or Sinha spices afterwards and get whole spices or pre-made (not as good, but again, time constraints) garam masala.

Also: Angelica’s Kitchen on East 12th is a reliable, old favorite, as well as Dirt Candy and Yaffa Cafe

All the options are there – we are so lucky to live in a city where great, clean food is available!

*this post was originally published in March 2013, and has been modified to date.

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  1. Tracey Toomey McQuade
    March 14, 2013

    Thanks, Ali! I just tried Hu Kitchen for the first time. The stuffed acorn squash with market vegetables, coconut milk, and cashew was TO DIE FOR!!! And the miso kale salad??? YUM! Great suggestions!