Breathe Repeat in the REAL World!

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Breathe Repeat in the REAL World!

Yes, the virtual world is a ton of fun, but let’s roll out our mats together in the real world!  We want to see your faces at some of our upcoming events! In the month of February you can find us teaching at Social Media Week and Yoga Shanti in Sag Harbor.

Social Media Week

Breathe Repeat is excited to be presenting at Social Media Week February 17th – 21st!  The theme this year is The Future Of Now. With that idea in mind, SMW & Under Armor are sponsoring Breathe Repeat to teach 4 yoga classes where we will bring attendees into the ever-expanding present moment. Additionally, we’ll be leading a presentation called, Your Spine Online to bring guests up to speed on how the information super highway relates to their own backbones!

We have a few FREE PASSES (good for the yoga classes and the entire conference) to give away.
It’s first-come first-serve!
Go here & use this discount code: CAPROMOBREATHEREPEAT
Pssst!!! After the freebees are gone you can still get a discount with that same code!

Morning yoga classes:

February 17th – February 21st
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
8:00 – 8:45 am
Highline Stages, Engage 

Come As You Are – in jeans, in corduroys, in Lycra, in your high heels… wait… actually, it’s probably best to leave those at the door.   Regardless, what better way to prepare for a long day of workshops, lectures, networking and socializing at SMW than by starting  with a little breath and circulation?


A Master Class Presentation: Your Spine Online

Thursday, February 20th
10:30 – 11:30 am 
Highline Stages, Classroom 1

In this masterclass you will first learn about the most current research on going mobile vs being mobile. Then, you will explore your own posture and how it relates to the natural curves of the spine in human anatomy. Don’t worry! Breathe Repeat knows how to make anatomy sexy and engaging! We will educate you on your backbones and how being virtually connected can affect the natural flow of your own circuitry. To wrap up, we will offer you various remedies and ways to rejuvenate your spines.

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The Natural Curves of The Spine Meets The Hamptons!

Saturday, February 22nd
2:00 – 4:30 pm
Yoga Shanti, Sag Harbor

Yoga Teachers often reference “the natural curves of the spine,” but what the heck are they? Join the founders of Breathe Repeat, Joyce Englander Levy and Tracey Toomey McQuade, for a workshop that explores the brilliant, inherent architecture of your spine. The workshop will explore:

  • The natural curves of the spine
  • How to respect these curves even in advanced postures like Urdhva Dhanurasana (Wheel Pose) or Titibasana (Firefly Pose)
  • How to honor the fluidity of your curves in your daily life

Most people have some sort of back pain – even yogis! But when we respect, honor and move with the natural curves of the spine (rather than exploiting or reversing them), our practice will actually deepen, and our back pain could be relieved.

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We know, we know, we’re spine obsessed! But wouldn’t you be if you had the most advanced, technological, breathable, adaptable piece of hardware and software known in all of existence?  Oh wait, you do!  We look forward to seeing you mat-side!

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