Dancing With Your Dosha

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Dancing With Your Dosha

Image by Austin Kaseman: Yoga

This week I thought I would address asana according to Ayurveda, for all you teachers and home practitioners. Vata season is a great time to practice-lots of creativity and spirit in the air! Here are some suggestions:

1) Vata is airy and cold, so it’s nice to bring in some arm balances.  They are low to the ground, and they build heat and strength and require concentration.

2) Vinyasa practice is great this time of year!  All that liquidy flow and grace counteract the jagged and brittle qualities of Vata.

3) Nadi Sodhana, a balancing, calming centering Pranayama practice is great for Vata time. Breath of fire is heating, true, and Vata needs heat, but it can be too much for anxious Vata.

4) Iyengar yoga is great for flighty Vata minds.   Longer, held poses force Vata to slow down and to focus.

5) Backbending, because it’s heating, and hip opening because it softens tight Vata pelvis (the pelvis is a weak area for Vata) and some twisting to lube up Vata internal organs, but not too much of anything. Vata does better with moderation. Think salabasana, forward bending pigeon, and supine twists.

6) Finally, close your practice with a couple Restoratives and a long savasana. So soothing!

Namaste, Ali

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