Frozen Yoga

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Frozen Yoga

“Wherever you are is the entry point.” -Kabir

People are always asking us how they can “get into” yoga.  Thankfully, Liz Eustace, founder of alignyo, has provided budding yogis everywhere with an accessible and hilarious entry point!  Her new book Frozen Yoga helps demystify the world of downward facing dog and empowers yoga newbies to roll out their mats for the very first time.

From Amazon: If you (or your friend, or your significant other, or your coworker) have always wanted to try yoga but are intimidated by other people’s lithe, sinewy bodies, teachers giving instructions in an ancient language, the existence of $100 yoga pants, and the completely reasonable fear that you or someone right in front of you might pass wind involuntarily during class, then this book is for you! Author, teacher, and yoga-industry veteran Liz Eustace dispels yoga’s biggest myths and unpacks every tool in her kit to get you on a yoga mat — and keep you there! Liz keeps it light and fun, but packs some heavy-duty information, insights, and guidance into this book, including a breakdown of yoga styles, how to buy a mat, what to wear, how to find a live class (and survive your first trip to a yoga studio!), and how to set up a yoga space to practice at home. This is an ideal guide for beginners or those who fell off the mat and never got back on. Liz’s wit and hard-earned wisdom will get you off to a rolling start on your yoga journey. Who knows, you may even find nirvana (and not the grunge-y Seattle kind!).

Frozen Yoga is a light-hearted, fun and easy read that gets the Breathe Repeat seal of approval!  Go grab a copy for the aspiring yogi in your life!  Order HERE!


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