Interview: Elena Brower

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Interview: Elena Brower

We spent an afternoon with Elena Brower, mama, founder, co-author of The Art of Attention, and co-director of Vira Yoga. After taking her class, Vira was buzzing with yogis so we had to find a quiet place to sit down and ask Elena our burning questions. The Soho Sanctuary was kind enough to let us in – I suppose it’s one of the little perks you get for being a regular at this downtown beauty oasis.

We chatted with Elena about yoga and being a spiritual being in a material world – our favorite topics. Elena had some particularly insightful ideas when we asked her about how she gets closer to the divine, and how the concept of Guru functions here in the west.  Check them out in the video below!

Join Elena on May 8th, from 3:30 – 5:00, as she engages in a conversation on: Ancient Meets Modern with Manorama, Eddie Stern and Beryl Birch. The event takes places at Maha Padma Yoga Temple. The event is free but registration is required!

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