5 Tips for Seriously Turning Inward

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5 Tips for Seriously Turning Inward
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As a modern yogi I am ALL for three minute meditation breaks, and walking meditations that can be woven into our busy days.

However, sometimes we actually need more. We do need to go on retreat, take a serious time out, and reboot our soul.

How can you create some real space for turning inward? And do you need to spend a fortune going somewhere tropical or mountainous?

I mean… that sure helps! But I’d like to offer you some tips that you can do from your very own home.

1. Prioritize Introspection

Can you prioritize collecting your attention versus spending your attention?

I’d like to point out that I’ve used the word introspection, which is a lot different than ‘over-analyzing’. Introspection means: OBSERVING one’s own mental and emotional state. Over-analyzing means: to separate an entity out into its constituent parts and examine it critically.

So, can you prioritize OBSERVING your mental and emotional state?

For how long you ask? Well, that brings me to my next point…

2. Dedicate Ten Consecutive Days

10 days is huge! However, it’s actually a recommended amount of time in various Buddhist traditions. The well-known Vipassana Meditation courses last 10 days. Apparently they have done significant research to discover that 10 days is an ideal amount of time to settle a busy western person’s chaotic mind. Granted, they are staying completely silent for 10 days, but regardless I’d like to take the leap that this is a shift-worthy amount of time.

So, rather than going completely silent, Can you choose something that you know distracts you from having quiet, reflective, introspective time in your day, and eliminate it for ten days?

What will you do instead? May I suggest that you…

3. Make a list of activities that you can do which draw your attention inward

Painting, drawing, reading, writing, sun salutations, chanting, cooking, eating mindfully, running, walking, enjoying a seriously special bottle of wine, going to the theater, gardening… what’s your story? Can you make a list of activities which are quieting for you? And then just cycle through these when you get the urge to Instagram or refresh your facebook news feed?

In my experience, this can become quite difficult! However, I have also found that the greatest insights arise after these most challenging moments!

4. Remember your intention or the question that you are wrestling with

As you go about your day, be open to answers, insights and remedies that might arise spontaneously.

Rather than tell all of your yoga students, friends, family, and the barista at your favorite coffee shop the insights that you have, why not…

5. Limit the number of people you engage with

Think quality over quantity here. You’re trying to empower your center. I find that talking too much too soon can diffuse the power of insights.


So… why not give it a try? It’s just a few days in the grand scheme of things, and maybe it’s exactly what you need to get out of that rut, over that hump, beyond that obstacle, through that door you’ve been knocking on, and into the new dimension of life you’ve been craving!

Bon voyage!


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