Empower, Ignite, Transform!

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Empower, Ignite, Transform!

Laughing Lotus New York became electrified June 13-15 for the third annual Laughing Lotus Shakti Summit!

The event, comprised of workshops, performances, kirtan and ecstatic dance parties, acts as a reunion for Lotus teachers and reunites bi-coastal owners Dana Flynn and Jasmine Tarkeshi.

In the winter of 2013, when first I stumbled into Laughing Lotus NY after a traumatic job transition, I followed the psychic nudge to pursue Yoga Teacher Training. One fully revealing year later, I was blessed to be a part of the “Shakti Committee” a team of teachers, managers, and karma yogis that brought the 2014 Lotus Shakti Summit roaring to life and made sure the weekend’s events flowed like the Ganga!

Here’s a recap of the summit’s highlights:

Empower: “Community Is The Guru” is the mantra of our love collective.  The summit raised money for the Lineage Project, a non-profit organization which brings yoga to disenfranchised youth, helping to break the cycle of poverty, violence and incarceration.  Our “Lineage Raffle”raised $20,000 for at-risk kids! All Lineage Project efforts were led by the endlessly brilliant and passionate Emily Stone, Laughing Lotus teacher and author of Did JEW Know?  Emily also got her amazing friend Robin Ann Meyer involved, who painted two incredible pieces of art, while balancing ON HER HANDS!

lotus paint

Ignite: The summit is structured to ignite and inspire yoga teachers by furthering their education through workshops. This year with the return of Jasmine Tarkeshi and the addition of four expert teachers to the roster, the summit felt FULL of spiritual goodies and mindful offerings that enriched all involved.

lotus sumit ayurveda

I was lucky enough to demo an ancient Ayurvedic cleansing technique with Breathe Repeat’s own Ali Cramer, who is the Co-Creative Director & Ayurvedic healer of Laughing Lotus.  The technique is called Netra Basti.

Ali made a ‘dough dam’ – unbaked bread that housed warm ghee (clarifed butter). I was massaged and supported by Ali and three other yogis, as I allowed myself to be anointed by ….well…butter.

The second evening featured more soul-igniting offerings including a performance by the Lotus Temple Dancers and a kirtan, led by Lauren Magarelli and the Be Bhakti band.

Transform: Transformation is inevitable at the Lotus. We do not simply teach yoga poses.  We explore the ancient teachings of pranayama, mudra, meditation kriyas, chanting, and ways we can give back to the community. The transformational powers of yoga are very much ALIVE and ELECTRIC at what we call the HOUSE OF HAPPY!

As for me, after a year of practicing, teacher training, and then teaching at Laughing Lotus, I truly love my yoga family.  The connection we share is that of acceptance and practice. We accept that we are ALL in process, and that being human is simply PRACTICE for the Divine!

I’m proud to be a part of this colorful, free spirited community that keeps showing up with boundless passion!

With Love and Light I invite you all to breathe, repeat, and join us in raising more SHAKTI at next year’s Summit on June 12-14, 2015!

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