PItta Prescription!

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PItta Prescription!

Anyone else feel like they’re melting?

This week I wanted to address what to eat and drink so you can stay hydrated and nourished during Summer in the City.

Pitta season is a time when we are all sweating more – especially us yogis!  We need to replace those electrolytes that we lose when we get our flow on or ride our Citibikes all over town. Here are some recommendations for easy beverages and snacks that will help replenish and rebalance your bodies after you roll up your mats:

1) My new favorite is from Juice Press, it’s called “Body Fit” and it has green apple, fennel, celery, arugula, lime and ginger. Supremely yummy, with a nice blend of sweet and tart.
2) I’m also a big fan of coconut water. I like the raw ones best. Coconut water is full of electrolytes and potassium, which is so good for that soreness that can happen when we go from the yoga studio (hot) to the subway or office (cold).
3) I also love what I call the “Ali Blend.” It’s watermelon, cucumber, celery, lime and mint. DEEE-LICIOUS!
4) Turmeric Alive has some perfect mixes for Pitta season. They have some great new formulas-I think the Pineapple one is appropriate for now, and the coconut nectar flavor. There’s even a new beet one that would be good as well.
5) I’m obsessed with the Kevita line of probiotic drinks. The best one for now is the Mint Mojito flavor. Mint is so cooling.

Remember the best tastes for Pitta are sweet, bitter and astringent, so I’m a big fan of…
1) Hummus and carrot, celery or cucumber sticks or salad. I call the Hummus and Pita on 17th and 6th my “office” because it’s so close to Laughing Lotus and has so many vegetarian offerings. I’m actually here as I write this, having just finished a small hummus and a small cucumber salad. It’s satisfying and nutritious, but it won’t leave you feeling too full. Bring your tongue scraper, though, cuz there is a little garlic in there!
2) A coconut Lara bar is an easy option to throw in your yoga bag. There are other flavors, but coconut is very cooling.
3) For those of you who eat dairy, a greek yogurt is a quick easy option. Ayurveda doesn’t recommend mixing fruit and dairy, though, so stick to the plain one. If it needs a little something, add some chopped cucumber or other light veggies. I also like to add zataar, which is a middle eastern spice blend with oregano, thyme, sumac, lemon peel and sesame seeds. You can get it at your favorite spice store (my go-to spots are Dual, on 1st Avenue between 5th and 6th streets, and Foods of India, on Lexington between 27th and 28th.)
4) Some fruit is always good!  Get what looks best at the farmer’s market. Right now, berries (best to get organic) peaches (ditto) plums, and melon are in season and bursting with flavor!
5) AVOCADO! Y’all know how i feel about “God’s Perfect Food”. For those of you who are purists like me, it’s so easy to just grab a spoon. For everyone else, chop one up, add some lime and a little cilantro or parsley, and slather on a rice cake, a piece of good whole grain bread, or use as a dip for veggies. Avocado is an option for smoothies as well.  Add some kale, lime, cucumber and/or some vegan protein powder. I like the Vega brand, but there are tons of good options out there.

Keep those Pitta Fires tended with healthy nutrition. Stay shanti!

Namaste, Ali

Want to know more and Go Deeper? My next Ayurvedic Workshop is designed to Pacify That Pitta!  It’s at Laughing Lotus on August 9th from 2:30-5pm.  The workshop will focus on asana, essential oils, herbs, nutrition – we will cover it all! – and also make our own face masks for overheated Pitta skin!!  Sign up HERE!

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