Summer is NOT Over

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Summer is NOT Over
Gailanne’s first home grown tomato!

From what seems like JUNE, before I’d even had a chance to enjoy my first piece of corn, people have been proclaiming “summer is over.”

They have been rushing what for me is the best season of the year – the happiest, the most carefree, the brightest— the time when yoga is warm, and if I’m lucky I will be able to put my mat down in line with a sunbeam.

So why has everyone seemed so anxious to see this happy season end this year? Perhaps the answer is in the question.
Maybe we’re HAPPIEST when HAPPY is not an expectation.

Maybe we’re more comfortable when we’re in our daily routines. “Back to school” where we know what to do. Where we are under a roof. Where we have our shoes on.

Maybe summer makes us nervous.

Maybe we don’t know how to be happy and we’re so hardwired to do what is expected of us that we spend the summer months feeling like failures.

We’re not having enough fun. We’re not carefree enough. We’re not tagged at enough shiny summer parties on facebook. We didn’t practice yoga on the beach out in the Hamptons.

And we have perfectly good, real world reasons for our UNsummer attitudes. The weather sucked. Too much traffic. Everything is too expensive. Couldn’t get time off.

We just want the external pressure of summer to be over so we can go back inside. Inside the house. And inside ourselves. Safe.

But summer is not over.

We still have almost two weeks to be outside. To live in the moment. To stop wishing it away.

So slip off your shoes, and roll out your mat in a sunbeam.   Treat summer like a gift and be present.

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