Top Ten Signs You Have a Vata Imbalance

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Top Ten Signs You Have a Vata Imbalance
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1. You are reading more than three books at the same time.  They are all interesting, but you can’t seem to stay with them for longer than twelve minutes at a stretch.

2. You have a GREAT idea for a television series. No, wait, it would be better as a movie. Come to think of it, actually it would make a great play. Or web series. Or book…

3. You are reading this column from your closet, while wearing all black clothing and listening to Massive Attack on repeat.

4. You can’t remember ANY of your usernames or passwords.

5. You’re late to yoga.  Because you forgot your mat. And then got off at the wrong subway stop. And then realized you didn’t bring your yoga pants, so you have to buy a new pair and there are so many COLORS to choose from!!

6. Out of nowhere, you now have to hold your ears when the train brakes screech. You can’t walk through Times Square, Forever 21, or Whole Foods without having a major panic attack.

7. You are consulting your Magic 8 Ball and/or Ouija Board for major life decisions.

8. You have SO much to do. So you made a list. And then you lost the list.

9.You’re up all night, surfing the web about: tattoo designs, discount airfare to India, the latest new music on Spotify and what each of your exes is up to these days.

10. You make a plan to have a lunch date, and text your friend at eleven that you can’t wait to meet her at Westville at 1. At 11:11, Blossom seems like a better choice, so you text again. At 11:43, you have a sudden craving for a dosa, so you text her to meet you at Hampton Chutney. At 12:17, you decide that you are on a juice cleanse, and cancel the lunch date.

Sound like you?

Don’t panic! Ayurveda Ali has got you covered! Here are some easy remedies:

1. Eat some warm, grounding foods. Roasted root veggies with some coconut or sesame oil on top, thick stews and soups, quinoa with chopped almonds and cumin, coriander and fennel on top.

2. Drink warm beverages all day. My fave tonic is warm water with a big squeeze of lemon, and a pinch each of ginger, cinnamon and turmeric powder. I mix the powders, keep them in a little glass jar, and carry it with me so I all I need is the hot water and lemon.  The spice mixture is also delicious when sprinkled over your food. Easy!

3. In your yoga practice, add more seated poses, leg and arm balancing poses, and don’t forget restoratives and a good long savasana.

4. Color choices: earthy tones like brown and rust, rich tones like maroon and deep purple, stay away from too much black.

5. No breath of fire or kappalabhati for you right now! Nadi Shodhana is great.

6. Give yourself more time than you think you need to get places. Way more.  Because, come on! It does NOT take fifteen minutes to get there. It takes at least twenty three minutes, and rushing and stressing is not going to help right now.

7. No walking while eating. Or standing while eating. Or eating on the subway, your bike, your skateboard or your rollerblades. In fact, stay off them completely for a week or so. Put your feet on the earth.

8. Speaking of feet… get some reflexology. Show your first chakra some love. I love Foot Heaven, down in Chinatown on Pell Street. It’s $40 for an hour and they ROCK you. Ask for Michael, he’s my favorite.

9. Get a new mala, preferably with some tiger’s eye, rose quartz, pearl and/or citrine. My spiritual daughter, Natalia, makes the MOST beautiful malas. Check her out at  HERE. Her Moon collection is to die for.

10. Take my Ayurveda 50 hour training and learn how to take care of yourself in ALL seasons. It begins October 20th, and ends October 24th. It’s a five day immersion that covers asana, diet, herbs, essential oils, pranayama and chanting for healing, and we finish with a day of Ayurvedic treatments and food! Check out the details and sign up HERE.

Go slow. Breathe. Repeat. Happy Fall! Namaste, Ali

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