Yoga NOW!

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Yoga NOW!
image from @heatherlilleston

Sutra 1.1: atha-yoga-anusasana

NOW begins the study of yoga. (Georg Feurstein, The yoga Sutra of Patanjali)

Ok..i get that….now I just have to figure out when NOW is.

And more importantly, I need to figure out what to wear so I can be ready when it shows up.

Being prepared is not just the province of boy scouts or conspiracy theorists—oh no…it’s the Modern Yogi’s path to the mat!

The first word of the Yoga Sutras, atha, which literally means NOW also implies a preparedness.  We have to be ready to practice. I will leave the spiritual and philosophical implications of that to the scholars and gurus. In the meantime. I will just deal with the fashion and scheduling issues and make sure I have the right pants on hand.

We Modern Yogis have a particular burden to bear in order to be prepared…not just figuratively, but literally. We not only carry the same spiritual weight as  everyone on earth, but we also carry a mat, a towel,  water, snacks, grooming products, as well as our 21st century panoply of electronics, all of which  adds up to a back-breaking backpack.

No wonder we need yoga!

But to get our daily dose of asana, the Modern Yogi  not only has to have the agility and quickness of mind to turn a cancelled meeting into a blissful hour on the mat, but she also has to be  DRESSED for class!

Yoga clothes are so well made, comfortable, flexible and fashionable, that we can NOW develop a wardrobe that allows us to dress for down dog while simultaneously being dressed for down town.

At its most simple, the formula could be:  a pair of leggings and a yoga top under a skirt and sweater/top, a tunic, a dress or even simply a long jacket and boots.

Fact is,  being “dressed” is more than just a fashion statement; it’s also a psychological one . ‘Wearing’ my yoga helps focus my attention toward making sure I get on the mat.  I am literally prepared in mind and body to seize the NOW.

And when we give ourselves the chance to change our perspective, to move our minds, hearts and bodies – to focus inward, we return to our “workplaces” feeling better and more centered than when we left.

Perhaps most  importantly, we feel free—our yoga unties us from our ties.

We are prepared for anything!


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  1. Kahuna Dave
    December 17, 2013

    They say yoga has pre-Vedic origins going back 2,000 years, followed by ancient Lululemon stores.

  2. geez
    December 19, 2013

    Delightfully brilliant! And the photo is as well!

  3. Cristine
    December 22, 2013

    I LOVE this article! I thought I was just being lazy by spending the day in my yoga gear. And it’s very true. Being prepared makes it dramatically more likely that I’d stop in for a last minute yoga class when some time becomes free. It also somehow keeps me much more “yoga-minded” through the day.